What are Packaging Inserts?

Packaging Inserts

Thinking about a cost-friendly marketing technique to boost your brand value and story? A packaging insert is an extra item that companies or retailers put into the box before handing/shipping the product over to a customer. 

Packaging inserts are a great way to share your brand story, increase your loyalty, and create a positive “ahh-ha” moment for the customers. 

Learn about what packaging inserts can do for your business and brand. This blog also gives an overview of various types of packaging inserts you can consider for your product. 

Why You Should Use Packaging Inserts

Packaging inserts can be a lightweight and low-cost way to capture your customer’s attention. Inserts are also one of the primary touchpoints of the customers. And, when they are executed correctly, packaging inserts can also bring great return on investments (ROI). Read about the five benefits of using packaging inserts. 

       1.Enhanced Unboxing Experience

30% of businesses experienced an increase in revenues after they improved their packaging. Packaging inserts elevate the unboxing experience by creating a visually appealing and organised presentation. Custom-designed inserts can reflect brand identity and add a touch of elegance, making the product feel more premium and valued. 

        2.Clear Communication and Instructions

Packaging inserts can serve as a valuable communication tool, providing clear instructions on product usage, assembly, care, and safety precautions. They can also include warranty information, contact details for customer support, and promotional offers.

         3.Increased Marketing and Cross-Selling Opportunities

Have another product you want to highlight to the customer? Or seeking to increase your brand exposure? Packaging inserts can do just that. Inserts featuring complimentary products or new launches make a segway for cross-selling and upselling opportunities. They can also serve as a platform for customer feedback and testimonials.

          4.Unlimited Customisation Options

The beauty about packaging inserts is that you already know what the customer has ordered and therefore can customise and tailor the insert to their needs. Customise the inserts according to the purpose and the product they are meant to go along with. This small effort will make the customer feel valued. Let your customers enjoy an experience that is tailored specifically for them. We also recommend that you continue to update the packaging inserts to meet the demands of the evolving customer. 

          5.Reinforces Brand Story and Builds Customer Loyalty

Packaging inserts offer an opportunity to reinforce brand messaging and tell the brand’s story. They are the perfect medium to showcase your brand’s values, sustainability initiatives, and unique selling propositions. Inserts also foster a stronger connection with consumers because it shows that you value and care about the person by building a positive experience. Including names, tailoring content according to customer, or including relevant product recommendations makes the customer feel recognised and special. 

Next, we discuss the various types of packaging inserts you can try. 

Types of Packaging Inserts

6 Different Types of Packaging Inserts

As explained earlier, packaging inserts are additional pieces that are added to the packaging to elevate the end-user experience. They create a “wow” unboxing experience and encourage cross-selling. Here are five types of packaging inserts you can think about including in your shipment or packaging. 

        1.Discount Offers and Codes

Who doesn’t love a special discount coupon or code? Exclusive discounts, coupon codes, or promotional vouchers incentivizes customers to repeat their purchase. It also encourages customer loyalty. An advantage of including discount codes as packaging inserts is that you’re sure that the customer will receive it instead of getting lost in email and spam folders. 

Discount codes that you could try are:

  • 10% off next purchase
  • Free gift with next order
  • Rs. 100 credit on next purchase

    2.Product Samples or Gifts

Product samples or small gifts can be a great value add to the unboxing experience of your packages. First of all, they are a nice surprise for your customer. Product samples and gifts provide an excellent opportunity to cross-sell. For instance, it’s an easy way to  get your customer to try out a new product. Also, many-a-times customers share these samples with other friends and family members. That’s increasing your customer base

          3.Pamphlets with Tips and Tricks

Increase value by including inserts that offer helpful tips, suggestions, or ideas on how to best use or maximise the benefits of the purchased product. This also enhances the customer experience.

           4.Personalised Cards and Notes

The most appreciated and understated packaging inserts for your shipments are handwritten personalised thank you cards and handwritten notes. They strengthen the bond with your customers and express your gratitude for their purchase.

They’re a fantastic option for smaller businesses new to ecommerce. For larger businesses that have thousands of customers, a handwritten note might not be feasible. For them, it might be more useful to have printed notes with a digital, printed signature of the founder or business owner. 

Some tips for getting even more bang for your buck with personalised notes are: 

  • Using quality stationary and paper
  • Addressing customer with their first name
  • Including the name of the specific item in the package
  • Clearly state reason of sending the note
  • End with a professional, but warm sign-off. Examples: Sincerely, Best Wishes, Cheers

    5.Call to Share Product on Social Media

There’s no denying we’re living in a social media world. What’s even more important is that people are more likely to take recommendations of an influencer or a friend, through their social media posts, than they are to a random advertisement. 

Inserts are a powerful way to generate social media buzz. Include a call to action for customers to share their unboxing experiences or leave product reviews. Frank Body, a coffee-based body scrub, has built a massive social media community by simply encouraging their customers to leave feedback and share their experience on social media. 

Bonus Tips on Designing Product Inserts

Need for guidance on creating the best packaging inserts for your product. Read out start tips that will get you started on the right process. 

  • Know your objective and target audience 

Understand the purpose behind the product insert. Do you want to cross-sell a product or provide a discount code? Also, use your market research and customer data to meet the customer needs and pain points. 

  • Invest in copywriting

Effective packaging inserts are concise and to the point. Work with a copy-writer so you avoid overwhelming the customer with too much information. 

  • Focus on creating cohesive visual identity

Inserts are a continuation of your brand’s story and the colour, images, and font used should be in-line with your brand’s identity. Consistent visual identity increases brand recognition and brand awareness.

  • Include value and a call to action 

Don’t jump on the packaging insert bandwagon because it’s what all your competitors are doing. Do it only if it’s inline with your brand ethos and provides value to the customer. The value could be in the form of helpful product information, discount codes, and or resources that would help the customer.

Also, include a call to action (CTA). Call to actions create a sense of urgency and tell the customer the next step they should take. A CTA could be visiting the website or sharing product reviews on social media. 

  • Test, Track, and Modify 

Run a quick test on the product inserts to see what’s working with a smaller sample size of your target group. Implement a tracking tool, such as a QR code or URL, to understand the effectiveness of the packaging inserts. Based on the response, tweak future inserts to make them more appealing and get optimum results. 

Delight Your Customers with OyeBoxes Packaging Inserts

The main goal of packaging inserts is to provide more value by surpassing expectations and targeting the right offer to your specific audience. They might seem simple — just throw in a coupon or flyer and you’re set. But, when they are not done properly, inserts won’t generate the returns you hoped for. 

OyeBoxes has 30 years of experience in designing packaging solutions for over 100 brands. Our team can ideate, manufacture, and deliver the right packaging insert for your business.

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