4 Reasons Why Custom Rigid Boxes are Useful...

4 Reasons Why Custom Rigid Boxes are Useful for Your Business

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You have a great product and a unique story to tell, but are constantly wondering, “What else can I do to stand out amongst the fierce competition without breaking the bank?” Small business owners often see rigid box packaging just as a necessity to protect the main product. But, did you know it can play a pivotal role in your business’s sales process and long-term growth. 

Join us as we talk about the power (benefits) of packaging and how custom rigid-box packaging might just be a secret ingredient your business needs to grow and succeed. 

What is Branded Packaging? 

It’s common to assume that packaging is just about protecting the main product during shipment from the manufacturing facility to the final customer. That’s a limited view regarding the role of packaging. But, times have changed and in today’s day and age, a branded, rigid box serves as a vehicle to tell your brand’s story and elevate the customer experience. 

What do we mean by branded, rigid box packaging? The definition is not limited to just including your company’s logo, font, name, and colours on the outside box. Branding can also mean using unique materials, designing the box to open in a certain way, including specific tissues or art within the box. Branding can be as big or small as you’d like and with a custom rigid-box, the packaging options are endless. 

Benefits of Branded Rigid Box Packaging 

According to a Neilson study, 70% of customers go for a product based on packaging alone. If this statistic doesn’t sell you the benefit alone of giving your packaging the same love, thought, and care that your product gets, there’s more. Below, we delve deeper into the four ways a custom rigid-box package can benefit your business. 

1.Communicates Your Brand’s Story and Message 

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Packaging provides a medium to communicate with your customers; it’s an extension of you product and business. Some find it helpful to think of your rigid box as a salient salesman that engages and delights your customer. The packaging can show what values your business holds dearly. We need to look no further than the iconic brand, Apple. Every element of their minimalist, rigid box is designed to be clean, direct, engage curiosity and reflect an aspirational lifestyle— all things that the brand is synonymous for. It also speaks volumes about the product inside. You can do all this by investing in a custom rigid box design. 

2. Heightens Customer Experience

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The packaging you use is the first contact your customer will have with your brand. When the packaging is thoughtfully curated and aesthetically pleasing, it generates authentic excitement for them. Furthermore, if this heightened excitement is followed by a superior product, the experience will be imprinted in the customers’ minds. This positive memory will deliver repeat value and sales.  

The entire unboxing trend, which has it’s unique appeal, is also about transforming something ordinary into extraordinary. With a custom rigid box, you have the power to design your customer experience exactly as per your terms — both in a functional and delightful manner. 

3. Increases Product Value 

 Packaging of the March TeePicture Credit: https://www.marchtee.com/. Packaging of the March Tee is unlike any other.

First impressions form in milliseconds and can remain in a customer’s mind even if they are contradicted with facts later. Custom packaging is critical to forming that positive first impression, which also increases the final product value.

Let’s look at this example — you place an order for a men’s shirt from two brands. One brand delivers their shirt in the typical plastic bag, while another gets the shirt in a crisp cardboard box with tiny pins and cardboard stiffeners to ensure the shirt remains crisp even during transport. Even before a customer opens the shirt, they will associate the second brand as superior and more luxurious even if the price point is the same. Packaging has a power to alter expectations and experiences. 

4. Creates Brand Awareness and Aids Marketing Efforts 

iphone boxesPicture Credit: People rarely throw away their iphone boxes because of their quality and sentiment value

With custom rigid box packaging that highlights your business’s logo, colours, and story, you are not only building brand awareness, but also aiding your marketing efforts. The rigid box can be customised to communicate specific product features, discounts, and other marketing messages through the choice of box, material, colours, images, and font. 

By consistently using customised packaging, you are also building brand identity and awareness. The more recognisable and differentiable your brand becomes, the easier it is for customers to pick it apart in a crowd. You can churn more sales by simply investing in creative and customised packaging. 

Packaging Sets You Apart 

Packaging is much more than just protecting cover for your product. It is a sales and marketing tool that communicates with your customers, builds a connection with them, and elevates their user experience — all things that will generate sales and fuel your company’s growth. Lastly, custom rigid box packaging won’t break your business’s budget. 

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