Collapsible Rigid Boxes are the Future

COLLAPSIBLE rigid boxes

Collapsible Rigid boxes are a game changer in the packaging industry. They offer stability, cost savings, elegance – all packed in one!

Major brands like Michael Kors, Chanel, Coach etc are all moving towards this innovation. Collapsible rigid boxes are the future of luxury packaging – no compromise on quality, huge benefits in transportation and storage. Even though the cost of production is relatively similar to regular rigid boxes, at any given time they save approximately 60% transportation costs.

Watch how to assemble our collapsible rigid boxes!

collapsible rigid boxes for luxury packaging

Major Advantages: 

1.Reduces Storage Space by 70% 

Any brand owner who has used rigid boxes for their packaging, is aware of the amount of space that the boxes consume. Just 500 boxes can fill up a 300 sq ft room (depending on the size of the box obviously). This is very expensive. For this same reason, collapsible boxes have been introduced because they reduce storage space by approximately 70%. 

2.Transport Costs down by 40%: 

Another big issue with rigid boxes is the cost of transportation. Transportation can take up to 20% of overall costs of the product. Collapsible rigid boxes reduce this cost by a minimum of 40% and allow more boxes to fit in one single container. This makes worldwide shipping of rigid boxes much more affordable. 

3.High Stability & Rigidity

Our collapsible rigid boxes are made with high density kappa boards which provide the stability that your product needs. Along with the advantages of lower storage and transport costs, collapsible rigid boxes are perfect for storage of delicate items like glass, electronic products etc.

4.Completely Customizable

Our collapsible rigid boxes can be customised completely. The table below shows what level of customisations are possible with collapsible rigid boxes. 

customisations collapsible rigid boxes

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