Top 5 Quality checks at OyeBoxes

Printing Quality

Award winning packaging needs the highest quality manufacturing. We at OyeBoxes are completely obsessed with quality. 

In order to develop any sort of packaging (rigid box, mono carton, corrugated, etc) a large number of quality checks are needed. We have tried to list down the top 5 most essential quality checks. 

1.Requirement gathering & Soft-proofing :
  • Requirement Gathering using our ERP: 

At OyeBoxes we believe in the saying “Well Begun is half Done”. This includes ensuring that the pre-press and new product development teams are absolutely in sync with the customer requirements. For that we have perfected our ERP system to capture complete details from our customer.

 ERP system

 Snapshot of how customer requests are entered into the system. 

  • Soft Colour Proofing with Calibrated Monitors: 

The pre-press teams at OyeBoxes follow detailed SOPs for file preparation. Once the requirements are in place, we move on to the important stage of producing the first digital proof. Here we use calibrated Epson and HP printers to produce the first digital proof. These are then matched (also known as soft-proof) against our calibrated Eizo Monitors.

Colour Calibrated Eizo MonitorOyeBoxes Colour Calibrated Eizo Monitor matched to Digitally printed proof 

2.nward Material Quality ChecksI (IQC) :

As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding”. The quality of any packaging is totally dependent on the quality of raw materials used. 

At OyeBoxes we have extremely stringent quality checks when it comes to inward material QC. The specifications first needs to match the committed raw materials shared with the customer. All the raw materials are checked for their respective quality parameters. The boards used, the paper used, the lamination, foil, UV – all the materials are checked at the inward stage itself. We also provide supplier scorecards and evaluate our suppliers on a quarterly basis. 

Store Executive measuring thickness of rigid board                                OyeBoxes Store Executive measuring thickness of rigid board                                        

3.Print quality Matching:

Our presses & CTP systems our equipped with the colour management systems that ensure accurate colour representation and consistency. The Printing department follows highly detailed SOPs in order to ensure the perfect ink match at all times. 

Print operator matching Quality

 OyeBoxes Print operator matching Quality  

4.In-Process Quality Checks (IPQC) :

The manufacturing of a rigid box entails multiple post-press functions like cutting, die punching, V-grooving, foiling, etc. At each process Inward QC measures are in place to ensure that no unwanted wastages take place at the final stage. Each machine and machine operator has a detailed QC process.  

Sample of one our many In-Process QC checks

               Sample of one our many In-Process QC checks

5.Finished Good QC (FGQC) :

Last but not the least, Finished Good QC is a very critical stage in the QC process. This is also the most expensive QC check since any error at this stage means a complete remake of the product. 

In Finished Goods QC (FGQC) we do a Look test, strength test, packaging test, count match amongst many other things. Depending on the type of product the QC is done to ensure that there are no damages to the product and that the final shipping of the product will be smooth. 

Finished Good QC

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