How to find the right size box for your welcome kits

Welcome kit Box packaging in pune

Are you designing a welcome kit package for your customer, but you don’t know the exact size or cost of the box? Sounds Familiar? 

OyeBoxes has a simple solution for this problem. 

After a lot of research & trials, we’ve come up with three sizes which will cater to almost 99% of your Welcome Kit requirements. 

You won’t need to worry whether or not the products will fit in the box. 

Introducing 3 standard welcome kit box sizes: Mini, Maxx & ProMaxx.

size of welcome kits

These boxes are all collapsible in nature and consume 20% of overall space. Additionally the inner fitments can be customised easily at any time! The image below shows how the inner fitments can be customised.

welcome kits box sizes

Mini welcome kit box

These boxes are compact, sturdy, economical & more importantly take very little time to customise.

Here’s a video that explains more about the Mini, Maxx & ProMaxx boxes. 

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